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Doha, Qatar – 25 August, 2013: Understanding the complex process involved in the extraction, purification, storage and shipping of liquefied natural gas (LNG) is something everyone in the company should be able to do. That was the ingenious idea that recently won Nasser Al-Neami the RasGas Company Limited's (RasGas) Summer Internship Star Competition 2013.

RasGas' Summer Internship Programme is offered to young Qataris and residents studying in local universities. In addition to providing an environment where students can learn about business needs in the field, top-performing interns are often offered scholarships and a secured position with RasGas upon graduation. The competition, held for the sixth consecutive time this year, marks the end of the Company's eighth Summer Internship Programme.

Of this year's 70 interns who joined RasGas' summer programme, 11 vied for the coveted title of "RasGas Star" and the associated cash prize. The winning sophomore from Georgia Institute of Technology presented a 3-dimentional LNG Puzzle with each of its nine pieces describing a different facility unit process.

Speaking of the internship programme, the Chemical Engineering student at Georgia Institute of Technology says he learned a lot from being on site and experiencing first-hand RasGas' work environment at Ras Laffan. "The site visit to one of the LNG trains gave me a much better understanding of how the LNG facility works. I came up with the idea of the puzzle as it is interactive and allows people to easily follow the different steps involved in LNG production," said Al-Neami.

Al-Neami along with Aisha Buhmaid, a Mechanical Engineering student at Texas A&M University and Juan Gordon who is studying accounting at Qatar University all made it to the final round of the competition. Buhmaid proposed a project management app and Gordon a cost-saving solution. They all presented their projects before a panel of three judges representing various sectors of Qatar's booming economy. Buhmaid and Gordon won second and third place respectively.

"At RasGas, we have a clear and strategic vision for the future. It is underpinned by a drive for excellence in all areas of our business and an innovative approach to education and continuous development. Our summer internship program is a means through which we enhance our Qatarization strategy and participate in the process of training students while they are still in their universities," said RasGas CEO, Hamad Rashid Al Mohannadi.

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