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Doha, Qatar – 1 September, 2012: A student report on how Qatari women employees could be better integrated into the oil and gas industry recently won Fatima Fakhroo the coveted title of ‘RasGas Star’ at the company’s fifth edition of the Summer Internship Star Competition. The Qatar University student is one of 59 students who participated in the Summer Internship Programme this year.

The competition, which formally marked the end of RasGas’ Summer Internship Programme 2012, allows student interns to present a project on a topic of their choice for the RasGas Star title and a generous cash prize. Having gone through the first round of the competition, three finalists then made their presentations to a three-judge panel headed by RasGas Managing Director, Hamad Rashid Al Mohannadi.

In his welcome address to the audience of Qatar’s industry and educational leaders, families and colleagues, Al Mohannadi said, “I extend my thanks to all the students who selected RasGas for their internships this year. They have demonstrated a high level of commitment in their time with us. We hope that this final project, the Star Competition presentations, will make their experience even more meaningful.”

Fakhroo’s presentation covered the results of a survey she conducted of almost 100 female RasGas employees. It examined the challenges facing female engineers in the workplace and suggested ways in which the industry’s companies could make their work culture more inviting for Qatari women.

“I know that many women in our society are keen to work in the oil and gas sector, but they face challenges regarding wearing clothing appropriate for the industry workplace,” she said.

This year, 10 internship hopefuls participated in the competition; each was awarded a certificate of recognition for their contributions to the programme. Along with Fakhroo, Moiz Bohra and Dua’ Al Thabatah made it to the second and final round.

First runner-up Bohra, a chemical engineering student at Texas A&M University-Qatar, said, “The LNG industry is the primary driver of Qatar’s economy; RasGas gave me the opportunity to learn about this important industry, and it was an invaluable experience for my academic and eventual professional career.”

Launched in 2005, RasGas’ Summer Internship Programme offers opportunities to an average of 55 qualified young Qataris and residents studying in local universities each year. Two years after its inception, the Competition was introduced to incentivise and encourage bright new ideas. RasGas believes it creates an environment where students can learn first-hand about business needs in the field; practice delivering presentations before a live audience and hone their teamwork and project management skills.
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