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Doha, Qatar – 30 July, 2013: Five of RasGas Company Limited's (RasGas) ships continue to lead in the 'most environmentally friendly vessels' category, aaccording to the World Port Climate Initiative (WPCI).

Launched in 2008, the WPCI currently has 55 of the world's key ports committed to reducing greenhouse gases participating in its programme. WPCI ports offer incentives to ships with the best environmental performance calling at their facilities, to help reduce and improve the quality of their emissions through substantial discounts on tonnage dues. Currently, there are 2,148 ships committed to WPCI's industry-recognized standards. Ships' performance and adherence to WPCI standards are reviewed every three months.

AlAreesh and AlDaayen currently hold first and second position respectively. RasGas' chartered ships, Lusail, Ejnan and Al Marrouna, have also headed the list and are currently among the top 25.

"RasGas elected to join this programme as part of our commitment to managing our business in an environmentally responsible manner. Having five of our chartered vessels registered with WPCI take such leading positions is testament to the rigorous environmental standards we maintain throughout the supply chain," said Khalid Sultan R. Al Kuwari, RasGas Chief Marketing and Shipping Executive.

The majority of RasGas' LNG tankers use steam boilers which are known to release much smaller quantities of nitrogen oxides when compared to diesel engines. The Company's conventional vessels are also made to run on cleaner natural gas whenever possible, reducing sulfur oxide emissions to best achievable results.

RasGas' integrated shipping fleet consists of a variety of conventional ships, Q-Flex tankers and a Q-Max vessel enhancing RasGas' flexibility to meet global demand.

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