Qatarization at RasGas


RasGas has developed its own Qatarization programme to recruit and retain quality Qataris in order to meet the targets set by the Qatar Petroleum (QP) strategic Qatarization plan.

Supporting the development of Qataris is at the heart of all operations at RasGas. Our core philosophy inspires us and drives us towards a better future for our employees, our company and our country.

We are committed to identifying, recruiting, developing and retaining exceptional Qatari employees for permanent positions across our company through robust national development, scholarships and internship programmes. We work hard to recognise and reward Qatari nationals based on their skills, drive and contributions by incentivising performance that sustains our unique culture and benefits our long-term business objectives.

Qatari employees are given the opportunity to reach their full potential through training, mentoring and coaching.