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Doha, Qatar – 9 August, 2012: RasGas Company Limited's (RasGas) first dedicated liquefied natural gas (LNG) carrier, the Fuwairit, set sail from Qatar to Spain on its 100th delivery voyage.

Upon its arrival in Spain later this month, the Fuwairit will have shipped 13.6 million cubic metres of LNG - enough LNG to power a city the size of New York for six months.

The conventional carrier delivered RasGas' first ever cargo shipment to South Korea in January 2004 and has since travelled almost 1,000,000 nautical miles delivering LNG cargoes from Ras Laffan to RasGas' customers across the globe. Her voyages include trips to Japan, Spain, France, Mexico, India, Italy, Belgium, Portugal and Taiwan.

"Fuwairit's 100th loading is testament to RasGas' ability to meet our customers' needs across the globe. This underscores RasGas' capability to deliver energy reliably, on time and every time," said Captain Iain Scally, RasGas Shipping Manager.

The Fuwairit, built by Samsung Heavy Industries, was delivered to RasGas on 13 January 2004. RasGas' integrated shipping fleet consists of 27 long term chartered LNG vessels. The fleet's variety of 14 conventional ships, 12 Q-Flex tankers and one Q-Max vessel enhances RasGas' flexibility to meet global demand.

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