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Moscow, Russia - 20 June, 2014: Three specialists from RasGas Company Limited (RasGas) showcased different studies conducted by RasGas delivering presentations on the third day of 21st World Petroleum Congress and exhibition, which is underway in Moscow, Russia.

Hani Al-Kharaz, Technology Application and Development Manager, in a poster presentation portrayed the new reservoir surveillance programme of RasGas. He provided details about the new workflow called "DIET" (Data Integration and Evaluation Technique) developed and implemented by RasGas to optimise downhole data acquisition activities and reduce logistical challenges and operational risks associated with well intervention work.

Noora Al Derham, RasGas Development Planning Specialist presented a paper, which is a study on the feasibility of recycling Treated Industrial Water and Process Water. She said the new recycling facilities can produce up to 275 cubic metre per hour of desalinated-quality water, which can be reused within RasGas' facilities as fire water and softened water.

In another poster presentation, Tachta Hidayat, Advisor at RasGas' Hot Engineering Section talked about a detailed survey conducted by RasGas on the flare passing valves using acoustic technology, which helped RasGas reduce flaring by 9 million standard cubic feet of gas per day (3,285 million standard cubic feet of gas per year) in 2013.


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